PocketQuery Upload

Here you can upload your own protein-protein interaction structure for analysis. The uploaded file must be in PDB format, and all the models/chains will be merged into a single structure (i.e., if uploading the result of an NMR experiment, be sure there is only a single model in the file). Chains must have a valid, non-blank, identifier.

Depending on the complexity and size of the structure, an analysis may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days (for very large complexes with many distinct chains). You may optionally provide an email to be notified when an analysis is complete (check your spam folders).

The result will be available through the PocketQuery interface using a unique five-character ascension code for the PDB identifier. The analyses of submitted complexes are only accessible using this ascension code; they do not appear when PDB-wide systematic searches are performed. Space permitting, results are stored for 30 days.